Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2016 ARAM (May 16 - 24) Dispatch 3


Andrew Yasso and Paul Rosser


Arnab Banjaree
Anya Jones
Barbara Audin
Leigh Audin

AAI guide Andrew Yasso called in last night (5/17/16) from just outside the Mountain House in the Ruth Gorge.

The team woke up yesterday to a cloudy day, the cold helped to keep the snow firm. AAI guide Paul Rosser cooked the team the "best pancakes in the Ruth Gorge," with real maple syrup. Everyone loved them!

The team spent the morning practicing self-arresting and anchor building, placing some very sturdy snow protection. For lunch, the team had hot tuna melts.

Their evening consisted of another glacier tour, this time with the climbers leading the group through an ice fall, learning route finding and avoiding objective hazards.

Unfortunately the weather turned during the evening, so the team made for an early night. They plan to practice more skills tomorrow. Over the next few days, the team will also learn more challenging glacial navigation skills.

Photo courtesy of AAI archives. Climbers on the Ruth Gorge. 

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