Friday, May 13, 2016

2016 Denali West Buttress Team 2 (May 9-29) Dispatch 4


Chad Cochran
Jim Mediatore
Jeremy Devine


Dennis Ougrin
Roxanne Litynska
Jerry Schuryk
Michael Torbett
Delfino DiMascio
Pedro Becquer
Georg Molnes

AAI Guide Jeremy Devine called in this morning letting everyone know that Team 2 cached at approximately 10,000ft (just below Camp 2).

Everyone did well and moved strongly. The weather has been variable on the lower mountain so far but the extended forecast is looking good for when the team moves to Camp 2, caches at Windy Corner, and then the big move to Camp 3 (14,200ft).

Could hear some laughter from everyone in the background. Good to hear people are still having fun in the harsh environment that can be Denali.

Team 2 is probably going to take a rest day today before moving to Camp 2 tomorrow.

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