Thursday, May 12, 2016

2016 Denali West Buttress Team 1 (May 2 - 22) Dispatch 6


Tad McCrea
Philip Ruegger
Aili Farquhar


Alex Gammeter
Markus Grohall
Michael Landstatter
Marc Meire
Markus Muller
Thomas Rumpf
Julia Schultz
Michael von Wolf

Lead Guide Tad McCrea called in early this morning to let us know their hopes to cache above the fixed lines was delayed due to some sketchy weather.

Tomorrow looks to be better for them to make it above the fixed lines.

Enjoying another rest day and down time in the tents. Good food and games help pass the time as they wait for the weather to clear up.

Also, May 12th marks the 31st birthday for AAI lead guide Tad McCrea! Wish him well today.

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meadmccrea said...

We love you- Mommy, Daddy, Tule & Murray