Monday, May 23, 2016

2016 ARAM (May 16 - 24) Dispatch 6

May 21, 2016


Andrew Yasso and Paul Rosser


Arnab Banjaree
Anya Jones
Barbara Audin
Leigh Audin

AAI guide Andrew Yasso called in late Saturday evening to check in with us on the ARAM team. Everyone was all tucked in for the evening after a delicious dinner of mac-n-cheese.

The team's earlier plan of moving down the glacier and making their way out did not happen due to weather, so they were still camped out near the Mountain House. Their weather for the day included some strong winds, a ton of fresh snow, and low visibility.

The ARAM team went over a lot of skills, including crevasse rescue taught by AAI guide Paul Rosser, and timed testing that everyone passed with flying colors. AAI guide Andrew Yasso dug out a deep hole for the ARAM to use as a covered restroom during their storm.

The team's plan for tomorrow (5/22) will be to move down the glacier and get a change of scenery. Fingers crossed that the weather will break so the team can travel safely. If there is no weather break, they will remain at their current camp and continue to work on their skills.

Photo courtesy of AAI Archives. Climbers practiceing crevasse rescue on the Ruth Glacier.

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Jeanne said...

Hi Everyone,

I am happy to hear you are all eating so well. We are thinking of you and know that you are enjoying your time together.

Love and miss you.

Andrews mom.