Monday, May 23, 2016

2016 ARAM (May 16 - 24) Dispatch 7

May 22, 2016


Andrew Yasso and Paul Rosser


Arnab Banjaree
Anya Jones
Barbara Audin
Leigh Audin

AAI guide Andrew Yasso called in late last night (5/22).

Unfortunately the ARAM team was unable to move down the glacier yesterday (as hoped), due to continuing weather - the "Alaska weather event." After contacting K2 Aviation earlier in the day, they were informed to stay at their current camp location, as it may be easier to fly them off the mountain from where they are at.

Since they had all that fresh snow, the ARAM group went over avalanche science and things to lookout for. They went and built some snow pits and played around in the fresh snow. AAI guides Andrew Yasso and Paul Rosser taught some in-depth lessons on mountain medicine and high altitude issues.

The ARAM ate some great food throughout the day: breakfast of bacon and hash browns, warm quesadillas for lunch, and tai noodles for dinner.

Even though the ARAM is currently in a holding pattern, unable to climb anything in the current conditions, everyone is safe and happy. Barbara Audin wanted to let her family know that she is doing well, and everyone is all good.

The ARAM team has plenty of food and fuel for the time being, but they are working on their exit strategy. Given their current situation, AAI guides Andrew and Paul are continuing to teach and test everyone on some new skills. For the time being, the ARAM is sitting in camp, "fat and happy," listening to music and having a great time! Hopefully we will hear some good news soon, if a weather window opens up and they are able to fly off the glacier.

Photo courtesy of AAI archives. 

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