Thursday, May 19, 2016

2016 ARAM (May 16 - 24) Dispatch 4

May 18, 2016


Andrew Yasso and Paul Rosser


Arnab Banjaree
Anya Jones
Barbara Audin
Leigh Audin

AAI guide Paul Rosser called in last night to report on day 4 (5/18) of the ARAM team.

The team had a wonderful day, staring off with a good, fast breakfast so they could get out of camp and go practice their crevasse rescues.

They found a really good crevasse to work with, having everyone run through some crevasse rescue scenarios and advanced crevasse rescue scenarios. After their practicing, the team had a long, leisurely walk back to camp, traversing the glacier and viewing the Ruth Gorge.

The ARAM group had an excellent dinner, cooked by AAI guide Andrew Yasso, of clam sauce over noodles, which was exceptional! They had raspberry crumble for desert, which was also excellent, and chased their desert with some wine.

Everyone is really enjoying learning new skills and being in the Ruth Gorge. We're looking forward to hearing from them again, soon!

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