Thursday, May 26, 2016

2016 Denali West Buttress Team 3 (May 16 - June 5) Dispatch 10

May 26, 2016


Andy Stephen
Ian Mceleney
Michael Wachs


Jeremy Cote
Penelope Walker
Julie Bedford
Barry Raferty
Freddie Walker
Daniel Goldstein
Rory McHugh
David Atkinson
Jonathan Dell Guidry

AAI lead guide Andy Stephen called in earlier today to report on Team 3.

Team 3 is sitting tight, waiting out a storm at Camp 3 (14,000ft). Around 5am, a strong storm rolled in with approximately 40mph winds picking up and continuing into the morning.

Team 3 is still really psyched and doing well. They had a good breakfast of cereal and dried fruit. Throughout the day Team 3 will build up their snow walls and fortify their camp. It appears this storm may stick around through the weekend, so they need to be prepared if it does.

Team 3 is hanging tight for now. Everyone is in really good spirits, playing games, laughing, and having fun together. We are looking forward to hearing from Team 3 again, soon!

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