Tuesday, May 24, 2016

2016 ARAM (May 16 - 24) Dispatch 8

May 23, 2016


Andrew Yasso and Paul Rosser


Arnab Banjaree
Anya Jones
Barbara Audin
Leigh Audin

AAI guide Andrew Yasso called in late last night (5/23) from about 300ft from their prior camp, just downhill of the Mountain House.

The ARAM spent the day running through some more crevasse rescue scenarios, even digging their own pseudo-crevasse at camp to practice with.

The ARAM team had moved downhill to the airstrip (their current camp position) after the snow finally stopped during the day and provided them a weather window. Unfortunately they had just gotten word back from K2 Aviation that the weather was still providing poor visibility in the Ruth Gorge, so they were unable to fly the ARAM off the mountain last night.

For now, the ARAM was setting up camp for the night at the airstrip and making the most of their position. Everyone is still in high spirits and hopefully the weather will provide a window so K2 Aviation can fly them off the mountain soon.

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