Friday, May 4, 2012

Denali Team 1: April 29 to May 19 Dispatch - #5

Guides: Alasdair Turner, Chad Cochran, Aili Farquhar

Climbers: Maria Conceicao (Dubai), Stephen Martin (UK), Christopher Kulish (Colorado), Zlatko Filipovic (Sweden), Steve Bain (Colorado), Lorenzo Baraldini (Italy), Christopher Heywood (Oman), Sergey Dmitriev (Russia), Vitaly Simonovich (Russia)

Alasdair called at 12:03 PST on 5/4 with the following dispatch:

"Hi all, calling in from 11,200 feet on Denali.  We arrived here, at Camp 2, yesterday.  Today is more or less a rest day, as we complete our back-carry.  What this means, is we head back down to 9,500 feet where we left our cache, pick it up, and come back to camp.  This relatively short day is a great way to stay active during our rest day, which aids in acclimatization.

The goal for tomorrow is to make a cache around windy corner.  It has been really cloudy lately so charging our phone has been challenging.  I'm sorry our messages haven't been longer, but rest assured we are doing well!  We'll speak to you soon."

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