Thursday, May 10, 2012

Denali Team 1: April 29 to May 19, Dispatch 9

Guides: Alasdair Turner, Chad Cochran, Aili Farquhar

Climbers: Maria Conceicao (Dubai), Stephen Martin (UK), Christopher Kulish (Colorado), Zlatko Filipovic (Sweden), Steve Bain (Colorado), Lorenzo Baraldini (Italy), Christopher Heywood (Oman), Sergey Dmitriev (Russia), Vitaly Simonovich (Russia)

Alasdair called at 2:10pm PST on 5/10 with the following dispatch: 

Hi everybody back home. Not much to report here as we are having breakfast in bed. Not by choice but because we dare not step out into these winds. We have zero visibility but everybody is doing great and we are patiently waiting to move up. 
-cut off due to weather presumably-


Audrey Martin said...

Hi team 1 - bet "i spy " wearing a bit thin now as you wait for weather to improve! Everyone at home really enthralled by your updates.Stephanie & Siena send big hugs x

Françoise said...

Hi Maria,
Hope that you all is fine as you ace these harsh conditions - Cherish the experience no matter whether you are progressing up that mountain or having to wait - that is the journey. Just a query -Were you planning to go to Luanda to give a speech for the TEDx there? I got a message requesting some info.
If you are then just let me. If not I will inform Januario.

See the email below:

'This is an email to get the information to all we need for Maria to get her here for the event TEDxLuanda on 26.05.2012

What I need and I been ask to get from Maria are:

1. I need to find out information
about her visa (which I think she does not need...)
2. Ticket price from Dubai to Luanda?
3. When she will be back to Dubai?

P.S: I need to make arrangment to
fly her to Luanda for the event
TEDxLuanda, its she need to
get here on 24 latest for the

I have informed that you are back around the 21st.

Keep warm


Anonymous said...

Lots of love from Denver to the Colorado Steve! Hope you've got some good music and are loving War and Peace. We're all looking forward to your next dispatch. Love,
Lisa, Nick and Ellie

Mickey Campbell said...

At this rate Stevie Bhoy, you might be returning to Scotland in Sept??? Hope your arse is numb from all the sitting down...

Françoise said...

Hi Maria,
Hope you received my other message on the update of MCF.
Can you let me know for Bilkis as soon as possible!
Actually her parents already signed a letter of consent and sent it to us via email, but I need to redraft it. And also
we have received the funds from Raffles, and SolidariTea Arabia - which will be added this thursday. So Bilkis' cost can easily be covered.Just decided and let me know.
Good news - I attended an event by Gulf 4 Good and spoke to Brian - they are keen to assist with the group to Base Camp for Everest. We can discuss when you return.
Safe travels up the mountain
x Françoise