Monday, May 7, 2012

Denali Team 1: April 29 to May 19 - Dispatch #6

Guides: Alasdair Turner, Chad Cochran, Aili Farquhar

Climbers: Maria Conceicao (Dubai), Stephen Martin (UK), Christopher Kulish (Colorado), Zlatko Filipovic (Sweden), Steve Bain (Colorado), Lorenzo Baraldini (Italy), Christopher Heywood (Oman), Sergey Dmitriev (Russia), Vitaly Simonovich (Russia)

Alasdair Turner called at 11:35AM PST on 5/6 with the following dispatch:

"Hello everyone it's Alasdair.  Just calling in to let you know we successfully carried our cache around windy corner yesterday. Today, we are moving to Camp 3, or what we simply refer to as "14" - due to it's 14,200 foot elevation.  We are all feeling strong and everything is good, except for the fact that we have had a really hard time charing our sat phone and..."**

**Alasdair's Sat Phone battery is not responding well to the cold and is having a hard time holding a charge.  We are sending a new battery up with Denali Team #2, and ideally these two teams will cross paths soon and Alasdair's team will be back to full reporting power!

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