Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Denali Team 1: April 29 to May 19 - Dispatch #8

Guides: Alasdair Turner, Chad Cochran, Aili Farquhar

Climbers: Maria Conceicao (Dubai), Stephen Martin (UK), Christopher Kulish (Colorado), Zlatko Filipovic (Sweden), Steve Bain (Colorado), Lorenzo Baraldini (Italy), Christopher Heywood (Oman), Sergey Dmitriev (Russia), Vitaly Simonovich (Russia)

Alasdair Turner called at 2pm PST on 5/8 with the following dispatch:

It's a beautiful sunny day here at our camp at 14,200 feet. The weather has definitely improved so we're happy for that. We're going to get moving soon and go pick up our cache. Otherwise we are hanging out at 14,200 acclimatizing, watching the weather and dealing with the logistics of sending a climber down. Lorenzo has been having a little trouble with the altitude and will be heading down. 

We're operating on a late schedule as it's been extremely cold. I estimate it was minus 30 degrees fahrenheit last night. So, we don't get up until the sun hits the tents. We'll call again soon and let you know when we'll be ready to move up again. 

We have some messages to send home too:

-Steve wanted to say hi to Lisa, Nick and Ellie.

-Steven would like to say hi to Audrey and his Girls. 

-Sergei sends a hello to Elvira. 

-Alasdair would like to say hi to Susan and Culle.


Anonymous said...

Great work Team 1!!! Loving the updates on your progress. Good luck for your onward journey,stay safe and look forward to more despatches!!Wendy Inglis

PANSAM said...

A big hello to Stephen and all in denali team 1. Everyone back in scotland is enjoying reading your updates and charting your progress. Stephanie sends a big hug and Siena a high five, audrey & the girlsx

mermaid said...

A personal note for Aili: Timi is getting great care and is in good spirits. Climb high, be careful. Love you M and D