Sunday, May 27, 2012

Denali Team 4: May 20th - June 9th - Dispatch # 5

Guides: Paul Ivaska, Jeremy Allyn, Paul Rachele

Climbers: Manish Kumar (New York), Brian Burkholder (MIssissippi), Jeff Smith (UK), Roland Thomas (UK), Michael Palij (UK), Jane Amies (UK), Greg Umbach (Canada), Lloyd Cook (Canada)

Guide Jeremy Allyn called May 26th at 4:15 pm PST with this dispatch: Jeremy Allyn calling from our cache at 13,500 feet, just past Windy Corner. We have a bunch of messages to shout out to people back home. We'll save those for a second though. 

Right now we're going to hightail it down to Camp 2 for some dinner. We left this morning and it was super cold and clear after getting about a foot of snow yesterday. The weather is deteriorating so we'll see what the morning bears and hopefully we'll move to Camp 2 tomorrow; Sunday. Everything is looking solid. Over and out.

-Manish wants to say happy 75th Birthday to his dad and love to Joshna and Artya (spelling?) he loves you the most.

-Jeff says: Tanya, Tiffany, Chloe and the ducks miss you all.

-Greg sends love to Melissa and Nian (spelling?)


Anonymous said...

Hi Manish!
Aarya loves you the most too!
We are fine. We miss you a lot!
All the best to all of you for the rest of the climb!

Anonymous said...

For Greg-We are so proud of you! We watch Team 4 progress with anticipation and awe! You are doing great. Sending you blast furnace wishes and prayers for safety and clear windows for your bid. Love you most, Melissa and Nighean xoxo