Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Denali Team 3: May 13 to June 2 - Dispatch #16

Guides: Angela Seidling, Andrew Yasso, Ben Gardner

Climbers: David Bradley (UK), Christopher Bradley (UK), Michael Buttery (UK), Mary Mears (Alaska), Carol Akerson (Alaska), Loren St. Amand (Alaska), Tim Erdman (Oregon), Dan Fiorito (Washington), Adam MacDonald (Canada/Australia)

Guide Andrew Yasso called on May 30 at 9:00am PST with the following dispatch: Team 3 is down now. We retreated through the night to a beautiful sunset. The light was glaring off of freshly fallen snow and there was pink light on Mt. Foraker and the Alaska range. It was really spectacular. We're just keeping our fingers crossed for a flight off the Kahiltna soon. Now we're having adult beverages and snacking while we wait to fly.


Natasha Swan said...

What a great way to finish the experience!
Enjoy the adult beverages.

Anonymous said...

Great Result! James Ogilvie

Anonymous said...

Way to go Honeybadger.

Ruth said...
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