Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Denali Team 3: May 13 to June 2 - Dispatch # 11

Guides: Angela Seidling, Andrew Yasso, Ben Gardner

Climbers: David Bradley (UK), Christopher Bradley (UK), Michael Buttery (UK), Mary Mears (Alaska), Carol Akerson (Alaska), Loren St. Amand (Alaska), Tim Erdman (Oregon), Dan Fiorito (Washington), Adam MacDonald (Canada/Australia)

Angela Seidling called at 2:20 PST on May 23, 2012 with the following dispatch: 

"Hi, It's Angela.  We're making good progress! Yesterday we ascended the fixed lines above Camp 3 and cached food and fuel at 16,200 feet to prepare for a trip up to high camp.  It was a classic Denali day ... cold temps, wind, snow.  And the team did great.  It was definitely a hard day of climbing and everyone stayed psyched. 

"We're all a little melancholy though ... we were sad to see three members of our mountain family head down.  The cook tent is a little less lively at dinner time.

"So ... today we're taking a rest day, but we'll be working to fortify the camp ... build a few walls, reinforce others.  There's a little bit of weather coming in.  So we'll just have to hunker down and wait for a window.

"Take care, over and out!"


Chad said...

Hey Loren! Hoooo yaaaa your getting close now buddy, keep up the good work and attitude and YOU CAN MAKE IT. Hope you get this message some how. Good luck, chad

MJ Erdman said...

Very exciting for the team. Congrats on making it to 16, 200 feet. Dan and Tim, I hope the down suits have been put to good use. Tim, sending you lots of love! -MJ

S Erdman said...

Tim and Dan - hang in there guys! Hunker down and remember the song: "Every day I'm shovelin'..." Great job on the fixed lines - you're getting closer! Keep eating, drinking and pressure breathing! You got this! - Steve

Amber said...

HI Loren~ Keep up the good work. We're all excited for you. We Love You!

Lucy said...

Well done everyone! Lucy xxxxxxx