Sunday, May 13, 2012

Denali Team 3: May 13 to June 2 - Dispatch #1

Guides: Angela Seidling, Andrew Yasso, Ben Gardner

Climbers: David Bradley (UK), Christopher Bradley (UK), Michael Buttery (UK), Mary Mears (Alaska), Carol Akerson (Alaska), Loren St. Amand (Alaska), Tim Erdman (Oregon), Dan Fiorito (Washington), Adam MacDonald (Canada/Australia)

Andrew Yasso wrote the following dispatch at 12:45am on 5/13 with the following dispatch:

"Hey guys, sitting here at K2 Aviation, waiting to fly onto the Kahiltna Glacier. All of our gear is weighed and ready to be loaded onto the planes. We still have to have our orientation meeting with the National Park Service, eat some pizza, and change into our glacier clothes before we fly out. However, we are really excited and hoping that the weather will hold and we'll be able to make it into basecamp today.

Personally, I think I'm more excited about Mother's Day, and as such I want to send out a very special hello and thank you to all the mothers out there! Your love and support is undoubtedly part of what got us all here today. We appreciate it more than you know, and look forward to giving you all a call when we return. I love you mom (That's you Jeanne)!

Hopefully the next time you hear from us, I'll be calling from the Kahiltna glacier. I'll leave you with a quick video. Speak with you soon!"


Anonymous said...

So excited for you all!
Go team 3.

Anonymous said...

Hi Team 3!!
Hey Carol!! Hope you brought extra Rescue Remedy!!
Karen in Flagstaff