Monday, May 13, 2013

Alaska Range Mountaineering - Dispatch 7

Alaska Range Mountaineering - 5/5 - 5/14/2013
Guide: Paul Rosser
Climbers: Kent Irwin, Joseph Irwin, Christian Kesler, Prathap Sridharan

Paul Rosser called at 9:30pm PST on May 12th with the following dispatch:

Summary: The team is sleeping in a massive snow cave and working on crevasse rescue skills. They will work on skills on Monday and fly back to Talkeetna on Tuesday. Chris also left a message for his family. 


Anonymous said...

Hi P - wish I were viewing the world through your eyes right now! Sounds just glorious!

Can't wait to tell you about brainstorming with Emily this morning regarding the Coombs Foundation - very inspiring opportunity for spirited co-creation!

BTW - your "girlfriend" looks forward to seeing you too....

Sanchari Chowdhury said...

Hi Chris,

Look forward to chatting with you soon via skype and seeing some great pictures :)

We all miss you a lot and please be careful and safe!!

See you soon.

Love you - Julie