Thursday, May 23, 2013

Denali Team 2 2013 - Dispatch 10

Denali Team 2: May 12 to June 1
Guides: Andrew Yasso, Geoff Lodge, Andrew Stephen

Climbers:  Blake Penson, Daniel Emond, Carol Akerson, Dan Douthit, David Bradley, Luca Smargiasso, Kevin Harker, Michael Buttery, Tina Fiori

Geoff called at 8:11pm PST with the following dispatch:

Summary: The team is at 14,000 foot camp. They retrieved their cache from 13,600' and will try and make another cache above the fixed lines on May 23rd. They may take a rest day before moving to high camp but with a stellar weather forecast they are looking to move up as soon as they can.


AK Sandhills said...

Carol, David, Michael & T2,

This is your online Denali stalker again. I am so excited for you guys! You have a great weather window at high camp, which is more than half the battle and lots of time for a summit attempt. I hope the forecast is correct and if so, you should not have extreme winds while you are up there and although snow is forecast for May 29, they keep adjusting down the number of inches predicted.

Carol - I get home from the slope on Friday and will kidnap Magpie so she can go on an outing with Brooks up Lazy. Hope you are feeling good and looking forward to sharing some wine when you get back.

Stay safe everyone!


Anonymous said...

Awesome news - go for it!!