Saturday, May 18, 2013

Denali Private April 28th - May 23rd - Dispatch 19

Denali Private: April 28 to May 23

Guides: Mark Cionek, Chad Cochran
Climber: Jan Smith

Note: We will post the audio of this dispatch on Monday May 20th. 

Mark called at 6:32pm PST on May 18th with the following dispatch:

Summary: There is a lull in the storm so we are working on our igloo. Just hoping for this weather to break for real. (hands phone to Jan) 

Jan: "We are still at 14 passing the time playing battleship, reading Nietsche, mending things that need mending , and generally doing anything possible to avoid leaving the sleeping bag. Today there is a little sun so we are working on the igloo."

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