Friday, May 31, 2013

Denali Team 4 2013 -Dispatch 4

Denali Team 4: May 26 to June 15

Guides: Paul Rosser, Higinio (Quino) Gonzalez, Chad Cochran
Climbers:  Dominic Renshaw, Paul Greenan, Jason Krishnan, Aaron Sabo, Jorge Vargas, Will Johnson, James King, Fredson Bowers, Colin Gailey

Chad Cochran called at 8:58pm PST on May 30th with the following dispatch:

Summary: the team has climbed to 11,200 feet and have retrieved their caches. They will deliver a cache to 13,000 feet soon. They passed the phone around so many of the climbing team and guides send messages home to loved ones.


Anonymous said...

the sky is very blue

Anonymous said...

hey !

... the sky is very blue! love you

Marie said...

Hi hi you.... sooo amazing to hear your lovely voice! Incredibly proud of you jk!!!

Glad to hear the climb is going great.... keep up the good work, happy climbing and stay safe up there.

Love and miss you loads,

M xx

Anonymous said...

For Colin: we are listening to the updates of your "hiking" ;-) trip from a cold and rainy Zurich. Perhaps not as cold as it is for you.
Good luck, we're following you!
Best from the Swiss Family Gailey.

jeanne ball said...

Greetings Super P & Team 4 -

Wow, no bonbons! And you, P, the lead guide? Chad, the gourmet chef? And Quino being so lovely....? Ya'll should have an ample supply ~ but no worries. We've got your backside. K-2 has agreed to deliver heaps of bonbons and dancing girls to 14,000. Hot showers await too! So, again, God Speed ~ Chateau Denali delivers!

Safe going everyone & God bless you & Team 4 Paul.

Much love, Jeanne

jamie said...

Quino and team Way to go!
Q, we have a Rat in the oven!! I will get a cat to take care of the rat! (j/k) Exterminator will have to do. All is well here and sanding deck this weekend! Say hi to your sister next case she listens. Love you lots and miss you too much. Jamie

Unknown said...

A support message to Jorge from Mexico: Echele muchas ganas cabrón!

Unknown said...

A goodwill message to Jorge Vargas from Mexico: Echele ganas cabrón!

qbaloo said...

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the shout out from 11,000 ft! Glad you and the rest of Denali Team 4 are climbing well and are in great spirits. We'll be thinking of you as we lie on the beach tomorrow. Much love, Q and Alex.

Lisa said...

This is so great to be able to hear how everyone is doing with the dispatches ~ amazing you are all way up there too! Plus sounds like excellent progress for all and a very strong team.

All the best,