Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Denali Team 1 2013 - Dispatch 14

Denali Team 1: May 5 to May 25

Guides: Mike Pond, Aili Farquhar, Dustin Byrne
Climbers:  Anna Bolmat, Kevin Burr, Alois Bogenschutz, Jurgen Kreß, Wolfgang Eggl, Daniel Boller, Dominik Meyer, Harrer Aurelia, Titus Pachmann, Daniel Meyerhoff

Dustin Byrne called at 11:02pm PST with the following dispatch:

Summary: Team 1 has moved to high camp. The fixed lines were busy with a mad rush of climbers trying to move up making for interesting social conditions. The weather report is looking good so the team is getting excited to make a bid for the summit this week. 

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Jeanne Ball said...

Nice work Team 1! Kinda' sounds like Denali's vying for Everest's social summit-cluster-scramble.... Interesting.... Anyway, great effort everyone!
Best wishes for a glorious summit and safe return....

Stay present & absorb the Force! Cheers!