Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ecuador High Altitude Expedition - 5/10 - 5/24

Ecuador High Altitude Expedition - 5/10 - 5/24

Guide: Jaime Avilla

Climbers: Chris H., Shelby H. Hillary D.

Jaime Avilla called on May 25th with the following dispatch:

"Hi it's Jaime calling from Quito. We climbed Illiniza Sur yesterday. The conditions were fine on the mountain but the weather and visibility were quite poor. Nacho the second guide who joined for this climb roped up with Chris and Shelby while I climbed with Shelby.

We made good time up and down, about 6:40 minutes. We had no view from the summit with a little wind and snow. On the way down we had a little bit of  window so we got a glimpse of Illiniza Norte. Afterward, everyone was happy with the climb, it was very steep maybe 60 degrees or steeper in places so it was a challenging climb technically. It was a good experience for all.

We made it back to the hut, loaded up the horses and hustled it down to the car. To celebrate we went to a local restaurant and had a very good dinner before saying our goodbyes. Thanks to everyone for a great trip"

The following are photos taken during the Cayambe Climb earlier in the trip.

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