Monday, May 20, 2013

Denali Team 2 2013 - Dispatch 7

Denali Team 2: May 12 to June 1

Guides: Andrew Yasso, Geoff Lodge, Andrew Stephen
Climbers:  Blake Penson, Daniel Emond, Carol Akerson, Dan Douthit, David Bradley, Luca Smargiasso, Kevin Harker, Michael Buttery, Tina Fiori

Andrew Yasso Called on May 19th with the following dispatch: 

Andrew Yasso called at 9:07am PST on May 20th with the following dispatch:


AK Sandhills said...

Carol, David, Michael & T2,

I'm very happy to hear that you guys are able to move up & put in another cache. Getting closer & closer to the staging area at 14k and it won't be long then. I keep checking the Mt. forecast site and through 5/25 it shows just 2-3 inches of snowfall on Wed & Thur at 14k camp and light winds at 0-10 mph. Fri and Sat show clear skies and light winds from 0-5 mph. If that's true, then you should have some decent weather up there. I hope everyone on the team is doing well and having a good time. Looking forward to meeting everyone in Talkeetna and thanks for all the updates Andrew.


Lucie Bacon said...

Allo tout le monde et plus spécialement à Daniel.
J'étais vraiment heureuse de t'entendre au té suis contente de voir que tout va bien et que la météo semble être un peu plus de votre bord.

Take care honey and envoy all of it

Je t'aime