Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Denali Team 4 2013 -Dispatch 2

Denali Team 4: May 26 to June 15

Guides: Paul Rosser, Higinio (Quino) Gonzalez, Chad Cochran
Climbers:  Dominic Renshaw, Paul Greenan, Jason Krishnan, Aaron Sabo, Jorge Vargas, Will Johnson, James King, Fredson Bowers, Colin Gailey

Paul Rosser called at 10:47pm PST on May 27th with the following dispatch:


jeanne ball said...

Hi Super P, Quino, Chad & Team 4 ~ sounds like a good BBQ up there! Well done Chad! Enjoy the pancakes this morning, and God speed up to Camp 1 tonight!

Celebrating Jenny Karns's (from Red Rocks) birthday at Dornan's today. (Her son Anthony's climbing Teton 5.12's!) Introduced Jenny to Sandy and we all had a ball riding the feisty beasts bareback yesterday. Everyone say's hi & good luck - including Tripp & my folks.

Great report, though your personal greeting was garbled - look forward to hearing from you soon!

Miss & love you so Paul - Jeanne

Marie Gallagher said...

Hi James,

Sounds like you're in your element out there, hope you're all psyched up for your big climb overnight.

Blogs are great, good to have a little feedback from you x

I got my results, distinction in theory and practical work, delighted!!

Donegal beat Tyrone on Sunday so we might get another wee visit to croker this year!!

Miss and love you loads,

Marie xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello to Colin and all on Team 4! Sounds like you're off to a great start. Burgers and fries? We thought you were going to come back skinny! Hong Kong is hot, humid and crazy sticky but right now, you might be missing the +30 degree weather. Have a great climb to Camp 1! We'll be thinking of you! Q and Alex.

Janet Yiu from HK said...

Hi everyone in Team 4. Great to hear you guys updates. This is an urgent message to Colin Gailey.

Colin, please call HSBC in HK and they need to speak to you for your credit card issue. I guess it's related to spending in Vancouver. Their customer hotline is +852 2233 3322. In order to move faster to get the operator, pls press "2" after you hear the first word of their recording, then "3" next, then "#" next, then "00" to get the operator. They can only talk to the card holder direct. Take care and good luck to the weather. Miss you.

~ Janet from HK