Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ecuador High Altitude Expedition - 5/10 - 5/24 - Dispatch 1

Guide: Jaime Avilla
Climbers: Chris Howe, Shelby Howe, Hillary Davis

Jaime called on 2:55 pm PST on May 11th with the following dispatch: 

"Hi this is Jaime calling from Ecuador. Last night I met the team for dinner. It was a good meeting and everyone is happy to be in Quito. Today we had breakfast at the hotel and then drove 1 hour to the Otavalo market. The climbers all enjoyed the scenery on the drive. 

The Market was lively and everyone enjoyed a walk through the busy market. Nobody seemed to be in a shopping mood but the colors of the market and the people were fun for the team to take in.

After the market we headed back and stopped for lunch at a restaurant near Lake San Pablo. The restaurant has great views of the lakes and mountains and makes wonderful food. Chris had a trout dish and Shelby and Hillary had chicken. They all seemed to enjoy their meals. Now we are back at the hotel and the team will rest up for our first hike tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will start early to beat the rain. We will hike Pasachoa for some views and to acclimatize. Everyone is looking forward to it."

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