Saturday, May 18, 2013

Denali Team 2 2013 - Dispatch 6

Denali Team 2: May 12 to June 1

Guides: Andrew Yasso, Geoff Lodge, Andrew Stephen
Climbers:  Blake Penson, Daniel Emond, Carol Akerson, Dan Douthit, David Bradley, Luca Smargiasso, Kevin Harker, Michael Buttery, Tina Fiori

(We will post the audio of these dispatches on Monday.)

Andrew called in the afternoon May 17th with the following dispatch:

Summary: We are still and Camp 2. We did a "cache rescue" today as opposed to a back-carry as it is usually referred to. With white out conditions and high winds it really felt like an epic just getting our cache. tt snowed 16 - 20 inches today. We have all our goods and are sitting pretty waiting for the weather to break so we can move up. 

Geoff called at 4:49pm PST on May 18th with the following dispatch:

Summary: Calling from Camp 2 at 11,000'. After our exciting back carry yesterday we have all our food and supplies with us. We have now received between 2.5 and 3 feet of snow. We are going to wait for the snow to settle and avalanche risk to decrease before moving up. There is an Italian team that may move up tomorrow so we will be watching them pretty closely. The Sun is out and the weather is improving so we are in high spirits. 


AK Sandhills said...

Carol, David, Michael & T2,

I'm glad you got the cache retrieval out of the way. Hopefully by the time you start heading up again, the trail will be somewhat broken in. The Mt forecast I'm following shows very little snowfall over the next 5 days which I hope is accurate. I'm sure everyone on the team needs a break from all of the shoveling. Stay warm and get psyched for your move to 14k camp.


Natasha Swan said...

Miss you! Praying the weather clears. Sending warm thoughts your way!!!

Unknown said...

It must be tough, Snowstorms, very cold, wishing you and the group a lot of luck getting to the top!hope weather improves soon, warm greetings and love your ig, Sam and Emily xxx

Flavia Smragiasso-Swanepoel said...

Hey Luca, glad to hear the weather is improving (as much as it can) and that the sun is shining, we're always thinking of you and praying for you, its really great to be able to follow your progress and eating plan:) here's sending you some good old SA sunshine and Italian FORZA e CORAGGIO!!! your sis Flav's

Val said...

Go Dan Go!Go Dan Go!! I wish you a sunny and clear sky for many days to move up.. Go Dan Go, Go Dan go!

Unknown said...

Michael, daddy
We miss you!! Many good luck getting up to the top, you can do it!! sending you all our love, warmth and strenght. Kisses xxx

Anonymous said...

We are all thinking of you dad (Daniel) ;)

We send you great weather and sun !
Cant wait to see you :)

Chloe and all the familly