Monday, May 16, 2011

Denali Team 1: May 1 - 21 Dispatch #18

Denali Team 1: May 1 - 21
Guides: Kurt Hicks, Dan Otter, Aili Farquhar

Climbers: Izabela Smolokowska (Warsaw, Poland), James Haydock (Dublin, Ireland), Ardeshir Yaftebbi, Iwan Irawan, Fajri Al Luthfi, Martin Rimbawan, Popo Fajar Sidik, and Nurhuda (all from Indonesia).

Kurt called with a dispatch at 12:50pm on May 16th:

"Hello! This is Kurt calling again with more of an update about our success. We are back at “17 Camp” if you haven’t heard, and are packing up to head down the mountain. Eight out of eleven climbers summited. Those who did not were Popo, Ardeshir, and the guide Dan Otter. Summit day was generally nice, but cold. It was about 20 mph winds, and a few had minor frost nip, but nothing serious. I think the best part was, as we were descending, we saw a gorgeous sunset and then the full moon rose shortly after that. By the time got back to camp, and we finished making warm drinks and ate some food, the sun was coming back up! It was a very, very long day and I’m proud of the team for all their efforts. We hope to get down to 11,000 feet today, maybe farther if we are feeling good. I think we’ll try to fly out tomorrow! Talk to you soon."


Unknown said...

Congratulationa James from all your family but hey guy you are 50 on May 30th, cannot do this any more ........Mean that

Anonymous said...

Denali Team 1:
Great job, especially under the trying weather conditions. After the summit, sounds like the sunset and full moon were the icing on the cake.
Thanks team leader Kurt for keeping dispatches current and informative.
Congratulations to all and the solid team leadership.
Time for a big fat hamburger.
M/D Hicks

Anonymous said...

conratulations to all
"selamat" - Bayu Tresna -

mermaid said...

Ya-HOO for all of you! What a way to celebrate your birthday week, Aili! Sounds like a cold, challenging week. We can't wait to hear your new stories...

Unknown said...

i just find it so hard....... cannot do iy any more ,,,,,