Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Denali Team 4: May 22 - June 11 Dispatch #3

Denali Team 4: May 22 to June 11
Guides: Angela Seidling, Ben Traxler, and Erik Johnson

Climbers: Llew Gartrell (Australia), Nicholas Durack (UK), Peter Grant (UK), Edward Iglesias (Australia), Paul Watkins (Australia), Jon Cook (UK) and Martin Halion (UK). 

Ben Traxler called in at 9:52pm on May 24th with the following dispatch:

"Hello everybody, this is Ben calling in from Camp 1 at 7800ft.  We put in a cache today at 10,000ft.  It was a great day today and once again we had excellent weather.  It's been such nice weather ever since we flew in but it looks like the trend is shifted a bit.  It is started to get a little windy and it looks like we might be getting some snow this evening.

We had a great dinner after returning from the cache.  People are in very high spirits and the day went pretty quick.  The cache wasn't too tough for people and the team was happy to get rid of the heavy sleds that we had to pull on the double carry yesterday.  Nothing weird has happened thus far up here and we're hoping to continue this streak!  Talk to you soon!" 


Anonymous said...

Martin Halion is from Ireland!
come on Martinn!! hope you enjoying it.
Catherine in NY

Ruth said...

Ben - Miss you, and sounds like you are doing great! Headed to Bill's tonight! XOXO

Jen Brown said...

Can't believe two of my favourite climbing buddies are now climbing together! Have fun Eddie & Paul. Thinking of you guys!

Jen B