Monday, May 16, 2011

Denali Team 3: May 15 – June 4 Dispatch #1

 Denali Team 3: May 15 – June 4
Guides: Kevin Hogan, Tom Kirby, and Matt Erpelding

Climbers: Allen Borgardts (Missouri), Robert “Alex” Borgardts (Missouri), Jonathan Fischer (Colorado), David Haimsky (Virginia), Jeffrey Gephart (Michigan), Helle Dam Sorensen (Denmark), Brandon McNalley (Washington), Ryan Canfield (Washington), Jon Cook (UK)

Kevin called at 10:37 pm on May 15th with this update: 

 "Hey everyone! This is Kevo, calling from the Kahiltna glacier. West Buttress Denali Team 3 landed just after 3pm this afternoon. The weather today was mostly cloudy and overcast. It required the pilot to take multiple bearings to get us here — it was some good navigation. The Team spirit is really high and we’re excited to get the climb underway.  The weather looks Ok for tomorrow, which is a great start.  We’re currently sitting around listening to Jimmy Buffet right now. I’ll call you tomorrow with another update on our progress and we head to 78000 feet camp. Wish us luck! "


Caz said...

Glad you all made it safely. Hope that the 78000 is a typo and you are heading for Camp 1 :)

Go well Team 3, enjoy the journey, smile.


Anonymous said...

Tell Brandon McNally That his wife and boys love him and miss him! So thankful that it was a safe flight! Love Sydnee

Irena said...

Congrats on your safe arrival and the start of, what is sure to be an unforgettable journey!

Tell David that his sis is SO proud of him! Send him my love. I'll be watching for the updates and rejoicing with youguys for every successful milestone.

Go Team 3!

Derek said...

Hey old Yooper, make sure you slow down so everyone can catch up! I'll be watching the weather and reading here to see how you are doing. Good luck up there!


Michele said...

Extremely happy you guys got there safely, now just be safe on your journey to the summit! I bet you've all been just as anxious as Ryan has that the time has finally come! Please tell Ryan Canfield his girlfriend Michele misses and loves him very much! Good luck and have a great time!

American Alpine Institute said...

After taking further stock of their supplies and propulsion system, and then looking more carefully at the map, the team later realized that they can't get to the 78,000-foot camp from where they are, so they're going to head to Camp 1 instead.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great :) But tell Helle, that she has to get back safely... course the Danish government needs her! :) Thomas

Unknown said...

Cheers to the boys from Missouri! Enjoy your climb.

Todd, Janine, and Chris Baker