Sunday, May 15, 2011

Denali Team 1: May 1 - May 21 Dispatch #16

Denali Team 1: May 1 - 21
Guides: Kurt Hicks, Dan Otter, Aili Farquhar

Climbers: Izabela Smolokowska (Warsaw, Poland), James Haydock (Dublin, Ireland), Ardeshir Yaftebbi, Iwan Irawan, Fajri Al Luthfi, Martin Rimbawan, Popo Fajar Sidik, and Nurhuda (all from Indonesia).

Kurt called with a dispatch at 9:11pm on May 15:

"Hey guys this is Kurt calling from High camp on Denali!  It is Saturday evening and a beautiful sunny 'day'.  We are packed, prepped, and ready - we are going to go for the summit tomorrow, after a nice rest day today.  We spent the day building walls and doing a short back carry to the top of the fixed lines.

It is beautiful out, calm winds, and sunny, with clouds blanketing the moutnains below us.  It looks like tomorrow is going to be the only good day for the rest of the week, so we are going to give it our best and then retreat before the weather comes in.  We hope it goes!

We will talk to you all soon!  Over and out"

Looking at Mt. Foraker from 17,200 feet at Denali's High Camp, on a 2010 expedition.

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Anonymous said...

greetings to indonesian climbers and denali team 1, may you have good weather...and may you all reach the summit safely. - Bayu Tresna-