Monday, May 23, 2011

Denali Team 2: May 8 - 28 Dispatch #12

Denali Team 2:  May 8 - 28
Guides:  Richard Riquelme and Mary Harlan

Climbers:  Claire Morrissey (London, UK), Stephen Baldock (Washington State), and Johnna Haskel (Maine)

Richard called in with a dispatch at 10:30am on May 23rd:

"Hello, this is Richard.  I've got to be quick because we've been unable to give our sat phone much of a charge due to this inclement weather and cloudy skies.  We are at 14,000 ft right now and are thinking of heading down today.  There is a small weather window that we are in right now but the nasty weather is supposed to return tomorrow.  35 mph winds are predicted as well as low temperatures.  We've run out of time to make a go for the summit and any attempt would be pushing it.  Johnna may be able to join another team lower on the mountain but we need to make sure it will work.  OK, I'll call again soon with an update."


John said...

Hi Johnna,

Hope you can join another Team,Good luck and lot's of Love.


Jay said...

Babe, are you coming home?
Miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Richard: any update on your plans? Love,