Saturday, May 14, 2011

Denali Team 2: May 8 - 28 Dispatch #5

Denali Team 2:  May 8 - 28, 2011
Guides:  Richard Riquelme and Mary Harlan
Climbers:  Claire Morrissey (London, UK), Stephen Baldock (Washington State), and Johnna Haskel (Maine)

Richard called at 7:30 pm on May 14th with this dispatch:

"Hi! This is Richard calling on behalf of Team 2, just checking in! Today we had a decent day carrying our cache from 9,700 feet. Right now, we’re enjoying a nice of the view of the valley, but it looks like the clouds are going to roll in soon. The team is doing very well – still going strong! Tomorrow we will do a cache around “Windy Corner”, stashing things around 17,200 feet. The group sends a collective message to all our friends and families: Hello, everyone! We’re doing really well up here and everyone is still strong. We miss you! Wish us well!"


eilis said...

Claire. Keep warm and safe. Love from Eilis & boys

Jay said...

Mary, we love you back here!