Thursday, May 5, 2011

Denali Team 1: May 1 - 21 Dispatch #9

Denali Team 1: May 1 - 21

Guides: Kurt Hicks, Dan Otter, Aili Farquhar

Climbers: Izabela Smolokowska (Warsaw, Poland), James Haydock (Dublin, Ireland), Ardeshir Yaftebbi, Iwan Irawan, Fajri Al Luthfi, Martin Rimbawan, Popo Fajar Sidik, and Nurhuda (all from Indonesia).

Kurt called with a dispatch at 5:15 PM on May 5th:

 "Hey everyone! This is Kurt, for another dispatch. The team is rocking it right now. 

Right now, we’re at Camp 2. This morning we relaxed for a bit and slept in until 10 AM. It was really nice. The sun doesn’t even hits us until that time, so you might at well lay in bed, right? After that, we had a fabulous breakfast of biscuits and gravy, which everyone enjoyed, made by the chef extraordinaire Aili. At 12:30 PM we took off, picked up our cache, and enjoyed the cloudless sky. We can see the tundra off to our left, which is really cool. It looks warm and sunny down there, but up here it’s cold and sunny. Definitely not the same, but it's nice up here nonetheless!  The best part of today was that the Indonesians learned some slang; we taught them how to say “What Up, Brah!” like a surfer.

Our plan is to make another cache stop around Windy Corner at 13,500' tomorrow. We’ll keep you updated."

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mermaid said...

We look forward to your daily updates from Denali. Hi to Aili and all the team from Connecticut. Your dispatches fuel our imaginations so we can share the adventure!