Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Denali Team 4: May 22 to June 11 Dispatch #7 . . at Camp 3 - 14,000'

Denali Team 4: May 22 to June 11

Guides: Angela Seidling, Ben Traxler, and Erik Johnson 

Climbers: Llew Gartrell (Australia), Nicholas Durack (UK), Peter Grant (UK), Edward Iglesias (Australia), Paul Watkins (Australia), and Martin Halion (UK), and Jon Cook (UK). 

Angela called in with a dispatch at 11:45 am on May 31st:

"Hello! This is Angela calling you. I tried to call on Sunday, but phone died or got cut off at some point, so I wasn’t sure if you got my message or not."

"In any case, on Saturday, we moved to Camp Three (14,000 feet). On Sunday, we did a back carry down to 13,500 feet.  Then on Monday, we had a rest day and built some walls around camp. We also got in some fixed line practice."

"Today we plan on placing a cache at the top of the fixed lines. So, yes, we’ve been very productive!"

"The weather seems to be holding out for us, too. We keep getting gloomy weather reports, but so far, it’s been decent. Right now, the summit looks pretty ugly. It has a huge black cloud over it. I guess that doesn’t matter because we’re not quite there yet." 

"Here are some messages:"

Peter says: My tent works until 13,000 ft!

Llew says: Love to Mom and Dad.

Jon says: Tell my friends and family thanks for the messages.

From the whole group: We like the messages, keep ‘em coming!

Ok, that’s it. Call you tomorrow and we can get some messages read to us.”

[Jon Cook and Martin Halion are both heading down with Ben this evening.]


Clare Gartrell said...

Hello Llewy, Thanks for your message - we love you too - lots! You sound so busy on the mountain and it sounds like the weather is behaving! Everyone is well here and following your progress via this blog - which we love. Margie sends her love and Polka Dot misses you too! We hope that you and your team go well, that the elements are kind and that your progress continues to be safe and steady. Good luck to you and team 4. Please take great care of yourselves!
Love Mum,Dad, Hannah, Paddy xxxx

Margie said...

Hello Llewy, I love you. Praying for you and your team that you reach the summit safely and return to us with good stories. I'm so proud of you. Love Margie

Glenda said...

Llew we are in awe of your effort. Glad you organised such good gear. Had a lovely note of thanks to all of us from Carolina. We look forward to you coming down here to tell us about up there. love and Xs Glen and Rich

Scott Gartrell said...

Hi Llew. Great effort mate. Important news: Brumbies continue to crumble, 'Tahs and Reds doing well. Keep safe. Love Dad

Paddy said...

Good Luck Llew, Look after yourself. Looking forward to hearing about it when you get back. I hope for the sake of your bank account the view is worth it! Lots of Love, Pad

Kerstin said...

Nick - I'm happy to read the updates. It's the first thing I do every morning. Glad you're progressing well. For news down here: Smedley celebrated his birthday last Sunday which was fun. We wanted to go to the famous LGB bar later at night but they didn't let us in! I'm afraid you'll have to take me there for a fancy night out someday. I bought a bike and will put it in the equipment corner until I find out where the bike shed is. Take care, miss you. K

Jen said...

Eddie, Paul - keep going my friends! I'm thinking of you both & cheering for you. Take care, Jen Brown xx

Ilona Watkins said...

Paul, where's my message?!
Love you! Xx