Friday, May 11, 2012

Denali Team 2: May 6 to May 26, Dispatch #4

Guides: Mike Pond, Dustin Byrne, Alan Rousseau

Climbers: Garry McMahon (UK), Roy Cursley (UK), Kayla Cooper (Washington), Damon Vincent (Missouri), Greg Lamarche (B), Margaret St. Hill (Australia), Vijay Kumar (New Jersey), Christine Burke (Australia)

Mike Pond called at 10:55pm PST with the following dispatch: 

(There was considerable weather interference so most of this message was indecipherable).

Hi this is Mike Pond calling from the West Buttress of Denali We had a rest day today (interference) low pressure system moved through. The wind was so strong we could barely stand up; it was pretty challenging conditions actually. (Interference) Chad is with us right now we will bring him to the next camp. (Interference) Kayla (sent a message I couldn't understand to her mother) (interference). Everybody is doing just fine we're just resting, waiting and passing jokes around. We'll talk to you tomorrow. 


Karin Parker said...

Thinking of you Gaz, every step of the way! Enjoy living life!
Parker's, Cape Town

Srinivas Sataluri said...

Wishing you all continued progress. Thanks for the updates. Who is Chad?

We are all cheering for you here in NJ.


Srinivas Sataluri said...

Let's assume Kayla's message to her mother is, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.