Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Denali Team 4: May 20 to June 9 - Dispatch # 3

Guides: Paul Ivaska, Jeremy Allyn, Paul Rachele

Climbers: Manish Kumar (New York), Brian Burkholder (MIssissippi), Jeff Smith (UK), Roland Thomas (UK), Michael Palij (UK), Jane Amies (UK), Greg Umbach (Canada), Lloyd Cook (Canada)

Jeremy Allyn called at about 1:15 pm PST with this dispatch:

"Hey, it's Jeremy...  We are digging our cache hole at about 10,500 feet, just below Kahiltna Pass.  We sledded some food and fuel up from 7800' under mostly clear skies, a super nice day, really.  Made it up here in about four hours.  We were pretty surprised that the morning dawned clear ... we had 3 inches of snow yesterday moving to Camp 1 and over last night.

"So back to Camp 1 this afternoon ... already looking forward to Mediterranean Cous-cous.  Then we'll move up to Camp 2 at 11,200 tomorrow.

"Andrew Yasso is with us ... he had taken Michael, Carol, and David from his team back to the airstrip ... he hitched a ride with us today and is hitching on with another team now to rejoin his group at 14.

"Gotta go.  Take Care."


Camille Wilson said...

Best wishes to all on your exciting journey, we're following your notes, its great hearing how you are doing along the way. Send me pictures when you get back Lloyd.

Cheron said...

Hey Lloyd! Hi Greg! Thinking of you both and wishing I were there too.'s only 10 more steps away...Cant wait to see what you both look like after 2 weeks without a bath!