Monday, May 9, 2011

Denali Team 2: May 1 - 21 Dispatch #2

Denali Team 2:  May 8 - 28, 2011

Guide:  Richard Riquelme and Mary Harlan

Climbers:  Claire Morrissey (London, UK), Stephen Baldock (Washington State), and Johnna Haskel (Maine)

Richard Riquelme called in with a dispatch at 2:30pm on May 9th:

"Hi, this is Richard calling in from Denali.  I've got some message from team members:

Mary - 'Mom, Dad, Samuel, and Jay; I love you and miss you!!!'

Johnna - 'The bank turn flying into the runway yesterday was awesome!  I got to fly in the front of the plane and the view was spectacular!"

Steve - 'I'm happy, healthy, and warm so far!'

Claire - 'I'm learning lots and enjoying myself so far.  The real work starts tomorrow!'

Richard - 'Laura and family, I love you lots and will see you when I see you'

OK, those are all the messages for today.  The rest of the day will be spend finishing up the skills review, we'll resort the gear to improve the weight ratios.  Then we're going to need to get some sleep because tomorrow we are going to make our first carry to Camp 1 at 7,800 ft.  Talk to you again soon!"


eilis said...

Claire. Greetings from home-Ireland. We're all well here. Take care. Eilis

Anonymous said...

Greetings to Stephen from Seattle! So glad to hear you are happy, healthy, and warm. You are in our thoughts, stay safe up there!

juraj said...

I am watching your progress carefully and sending extra energy


Laura said...

Richard: Sammy enjoyed watching videos of you last night. Good luck out there! Laura

John Haskell said...

May you have good weather...and may you all reach the summit safely. John Haskell - Florida

Philip said...

Claire, Enjoy the break from your running training!! 1030 start seems awfully relaxed for you!;-)Philip

Debby said...

Yahoo , Johnna. Front row seat!

Anonymous said...

Hey babe miss u tons!!!

Jay said...

I love u Mary . Sounds too cold for me :-)-