Monday, May 16, 2011

Denali Team 2: May 8 – 28 Dispatch #6

Denali Team 2:  May 8 – 28
Guides:  Richard Riquelme and Mary Harlan

Climbers:  Claire Morrissey (London, UK), Stephen Baldock (Washington State), and Johnna Haskel (Maine)

Richard Riquelme called in with a dispatch at 2:10 pm on May 16th:
Hello! This is Richard with a quick update! We are doing awesome here, as usual! This team is doing so well. Just to re-cap, yesterday we carried our cache up to 13,700 feet. Right now we are in the middle of moving to 14,000 feet and going strong. We’re currently at 12,000 feet and taking a quick break to refuel and eat some lunch. We expect to show up at ‘14 Camp’ at 5 or 6 o’ clock at the latest today. It sounds like we’ll probably see Kurt’s team near 14,000 feet or so.  I’ll call and leave another message tonight when we arrive.

[Today we were able to relay some messages from the blog, as well. The Team appreciates your comments.]


Anonymous said...




Laura said...

Richard: We're still fine here. It's good to have news from you. Love, Laura & Sammy

deb Freeman said...

You are making great progress, keep up the good work. We are hoping for good weather for you. Debby and Greg ( Maine fans)

Dave & P said...

Steve and the others . . . we are thrilled with your success so far. You have a huge cheering section here in Seattle. Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

Claire. Kick ass! Wishing you sunny days and good climbing. Philip

Jay said...

Getting ready to go back home. It was good to b at moms for a week. Wish I could stay longer. Love u! P. S. Found many jobs in Kentucky!?
Jay and boo

Unknown said...

Stevie B - Keep up the good work bro. Praying for ya down here. Love ya buddy

Donna Harris said...

We wish you good weather and a safe climb to the TOP and back down.
Dad & Donna--Florida with Maine roots

Anonymous said...

Steve; Following the blog hourly (Mr. Blog, please post something soon!) and covering you with prayer. You're awesome!

Love you,
Becky B.