Thursday, May 19, 2011

Denali Team 2: May 8 – 28 Dispatch #9

Denali Team 2:  May 8 – 28
Guides:  Richard Riquelme and Mary Harlan

Climbers:  Claire Morrissey (London, UK), Stephen Baldock (Washington State), and Johnna Haskel (Maine)

Richard Riquelme called in with a dispatch at 4:15pm on May 19th:

"Hi everyone! Well, there’s not much to report today. We were stuck here at camp, so we did a bit of housekeeping and home improvement. We did a lot of wall building and sitting around, you know – holding down the fort! We’re still here at 14,000 feet. It was a very high-wind day and so we couldn’t move up. The weather was pretty harsh and it’s looking like that will be the case for the next few days. But, everyone is doing great and just anxious to get to the summit!"

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Messages for friends and family:

Claire: No news from me!

Mary: Mary loves Mom and Dad and Boo and Jay. Love you all, staying safe up here!

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jay said...

we love you babe! boo is great. home was a nice visit too.