Monday, May 23, 2011

Denali Team 3: May 15 – June 4 Dispatch #7

Denali Team 3: May 15 – June 4
Guides: Kevin Hogan, Tom Kirby, and Matt Erpelding

Climbers: Allen Borgardts (Missouri), Robert “Alex” Borgardts (Missouri), Jonathan Fischer (Colorado), David Haimsky (Virginia), Jeffrey Gephart (Michigan), Helle Dam Sorensen (Denmark), Brandon McNalley (Washington), Ryan Canfield (Washington)
Mat called at 1:00pm on May 23rd with this dispatch:

"Hey guys! This is Mat calling in with another update. It looks like the weather is all right for now, and we’re debating on whether or not to go up and make a cache today. I have a feeling we probably will if the weather holds out. Anyway, we’ve started a new hobby in the last few days. We’ve resorted to digging holes, filling them up again, and then digging another one right next to it. I’m telling you – it’s actually fun. It’s all about the design, you see. And keeping warm. I’ll call you again with more messages from the team shortly."


Ryan says: "I love you and miss you, friends and family!"

Brandon says: "Love ya and miss ya -- Buckaroo, I love you!

Jeff says: "All is well, love and miss you. Will call from 14,000!"

Alex and Allen say: "Terra, Cody, et al (?). Be ready to party!!! T minus ?" Themper Phi Gumby, Love Al. [Sorry -- this message was really hard to understand!]

"Love it, loving you! - Helle."

Jonathan was about to leave a message but the phone cut out.


Sydnee said...

Daddy (Brandon) So excited that you left me a message!!! Can't waite to have a daddy/son day when you come back!!! Love Levi

dada hi! love hunter

Sure hope that you are having fun digging holes! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I watch your progress everyday. Keep warm, safe and most of all have a good time....Love Ladybug

Mark Canfield said...

Ryan hope you have a streak of good weather. Hang in out in a tent waiting out the weather must be a pain. Keep the positive vibes....I can feel them here in Federal Way.


Dad, Mom, Missy, Scott, and the 4 cats

Anonymous said...

It is nice to here from you. Hope the weather soon will be better.
To Helle: Jeg forsøgte 1. gang på din fødselsdag. Håber du havde en god dag.
kh mor

Irena said...

I'll continue keeping my fingers crossed for the favorable weather conditions. I love your new hole-digging "hobby" :-)...David, be sure to take some pics of your "labor"...I'm sure you're getting pretty darn good at it by now...haha... Love You! Sis