Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Denali Team 3: May 15 – June 4 Dispatch #2

Denali Team 3: May 15 – June 4
Guides: Kevin Hogan, Tom Kirby, and Matt Erpelding

Climbers: Allen Borgardts (Missouri), Robert “Alex” Borgardts (Missouri), Jonathan Fischer (Colorado), David Haimsky (Virginia), Jeffrey Gephart (Michigan), Helle Dam Sorensen (Denmark), Brandon McNalley (Washington), Ryan Canfield (Washington), Jon Cook (UK)

Mat called at 9:30am on May 17th with this update:  

"Hey! This is Mat calling for Denali Team 3, otherwise known as 'Changes in Latitude and Changes in Attitude' – it’s all about the Jimmy Buffet on this trip. I think that team name will stick! We made it to Camp 1 yesterday after a long day. It was really a long, arduous day to get there – took up about 5 hours and 45 minutes. But the group did great, and the pace was good. We have a couple of folks who pretty tired. Right now, we’re packing up load to do another cache at 10,500 feet. It’s clear on the lower Kalhiltna but it looks terrible up above. I’ll call you with more tomorrow!"


Helle Rye said...

I'm so happy you had a good start and liking your group name:)
To Helle: Love and kisses from your Helle

Unknown said...

Good for you team three,hope that the contingent from Washington State are not the tired ones!! Wish you all well and we are praying for all of you.

Dan McNally

Rosalie said...

Good luck Allen & Alex. We are thinking about you both. Stay warm, "LOL" Rosalie, Kelsey & Josh

Carey and Ian said...

To Jon F. We are checking the blog frequently and miss and love you. Stay warm and safe!

Sydnee said...

Daddy (aka Brandon) this is Levi and I really miss you! I started crying tonight reading Guess How much I love you. It made me think of you. love levi

Jeff said...

Great to hear you are on your way and having good weather. Go team 3! Blessings frm Jeff and Barb

Unknown said...

Happy to hear that team 3 have had a good start!
Helle: They have not yet announced the election, but I guess that's not on your mind now :-) (from Eva)


Happy birthday my love!
Could you wish for a better b-day present than a whole day out in the snow??;)
Thinking about you - a lot!
Sang birthday song for you this morning:)
Have a GREAT day. Jeg elsker dig skat! I love you!
From your Helle <B

Mark Canfield said...

Congrats team three, Ryan we are thinking of you all the time. Always checking Blogs. Glad you got a good start. Stay warm, be safe, and we are all proud of you. We love you

Mark, Cindy, Scott, Missy, and the 4 cats

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Helle. And good luck. Du er for sej :-)
KH Tonje

Cameron said...

Team Borgardts! Hope you are doing well and prayers to the summit!


Cameron said...

Team Borgardts!

Be safe and my prayers to the summit!


Studmuffin said...

Tell Al Borgardts that the ARCIC Assessment team's final recommendation was to cut only one GS-14 slot - guess who?