Saturday, May 21, 2011

Denali Team 3: May 15 – June 4 Dispatch #5

Denali Team 3: May 15 – June 4

Guides: Kevin Hogan, Tom Kirby, and Matt Erpelding

Climbers: Allen Borgardts (Missouri), Robert “Alex” Borgardts (Missouri), Jonathan Fischer (Colorado), David Haimsky (Virginia), Jeffrey Gephart (Michigan), Helle Dam Sorensen (Denmark), Brandon McNalley (Washington), Ryan Canfield (Washington)

Tom calling in at 6:00pm on May 21 with the following dispatch:

"Hey everybody!  This is Tom and it's day 7 already on the mountain.  We are currently at Camp 2 at 11,000', eating a delicious lunch of cream cheese, bagels and salmon. 

Yesterday we did not do anything because the weather was so stormy.  With the high gusty winds and a fair bit of snow, we had to drop the cook tent a few times.  We were getting a little worried that if the storm lasted longer, we would get hungry because we only brought a few days worth of food with us.  We managed with our food supplies and with today's nice weather, we were able to do a back-carry to 10,000' to pick up the rest of our food.  Everything worked out well and everyone is doing great.

Tomorrow we plan on climbing to 13,500' to cache more gear and food, and come back to 11,000' to sleep.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us and we can proceed to climb higher on the mountain."


Rosalie said...

Allen & Alex- Yesterday was supposed to be the end of the world! Guess that didn't work out so Hope the weather cooperates and you start "movin' on up". Love Rosalie

Rosalie said...

Allen & Alex- The end of the world was supposed to be yesterday! guess that didn't work out so Hope you get to start "movin' on up" soon. Love Rosalie

Sydnee said...

Hi Daddy! (Brandon)
Today Hunter and me got ukuleles from Auntie and Uncle. And we can't waite until the 2 weeks for you to come home!
Love Levi

Dada I love you! hunter

Brandon it was so good to hear you!
Glad that you are having a fun time! Love you tons!!! Sydnee

Derek said...

I'm sure the Yooper can handle the cold and wind. The weather looks like it'll agree with you guys for quite a while, so I hope you can start moving! Good luck up there!


Becky said...

David – I have been following along with your itinerary! It made me smile –salmon and bagels – just another Sunday Brunch! Hope you are keeping warm and glad you have that warm parka! You have quite a team cheering you on here in Nigeria! They all think it is crazy but amazing! I had to extend my trip until May 27th…in case you decide to call or even get to read this! I love you and miss you! Thinking about you every step of the way -Becky