Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017 Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 4 (May 28 - June 17)


Paul Ivaska
Jim Mediatore
Will Nunez

Craig Hacket
Jan Schmidt
Amanda Richmond
Kjetil Moen
Christian Rudloff
Gus White
Andrew Sargent

Lead guide Paul Ivaska called in this morning. Very sorry for the delay in dispatches for Team 4. The team was delayed a few days flying into Base Camp and there have been some SAT phone issues in getting calls to AAI. But those have been resolved and they will be checking in daily from here on out. Paul called to report that the team has made it to Camp 1 (7,800ft) and are looking to put in a cache around 10,000ft below Camp 2 today. Everyone is doing well and finished a delicious dinner. The weather in the Range is improving after a rocky May.

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Carole Jones said...

Hello dear Amanda hope everyone's ok and not frozen. Wishing you well from a height of 14 metres above sea level in Ipswich, Suffolk - all power to you crampons :) from Carole Jones