Thursday, June 15, 2017

2017 Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 6 (June 11 - July 1)


Richard Riquelme
Wyatt Evenson
Max Lurie


Carlos Barquet
Christopher Eubanks
Emal Ehsan
Huachao "Mike" Chen
Jeff Burkard
Peter Blackshaw
Sophie Hilarie
Timothy Switzer

Team 6 guide Wyatt Evenson called in. The team is at Camp 1, having successfully cached just below Camp 2 today (around 10,000ft). The warm temperatures made them a little slow coming back, but they were sill able to accomplish their goal in around 6 and a half hours. Wyatt cooked everyone up a dinner of pasta and pesto, and finished up with some cookies. It was a big day, especially with the teams first big haul having to carry a majority of their food, so everyone is pretty tired. The plan is to get some sleep tonight and make the climb to Camp 2 tomorrow. They hope to arrive by mid evening.

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Go Peter
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