Thursday, June 22, 2017

2017 Ecuador Cayambe/Antisana Skills Expedition and Chimborazo Extension (June 16 - 30) Dispatch 3

June 22nd Dispatch

Climbers: Kirsty, Timothy, Participant 3

Guide: Estalin Suarez

Estalin called this morning with the dispatch for Day 7:

We wanted to give you a call and let you know that we had a very good day of climbing and that we were successful in reaching the 18,997-foot summit of Cayambe!

Everyone did a great getting up to the top. We had better weather than the last couple days, but still a little tricky with the wind. But each climber did a great job with their layering and stayed warm. Overall, we would have to say that everything went perfectly.

And we had a good time in the process. We are having a good time together on the mountain and off!

We will call again tomorrow.

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