Monday, June 12, 2017

2017 Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 6 (June 11 - July 1)


Richard Riquelme
Wyatt Evenson
Max Lurie


Carlos Barquet
Christopher Eubanks
Emal Ehsan
Huachao "Mike" Chen
Jeff Burkard
Peter Blackshaw 
Sophie Hilarie
Timothy Switzer

Denali Team 6 guide Wyatt Evenson called in from Basecamp, giving the last first dispatch of the season! The team flew in yesterday around 3:00pm and kicked off the evening with a delicious dinner of veggie burgers with a side of pringles and salad. Everyone was able to get a good nights rest and had a great start to the morning with a breakfast of bacon and eggs, just the protein needed to start their journey up the mountain. Today will be a training day reviewing crevasse rescue and sled rigging. The team will be on a night schedule and will start walking tonight, with their first objective to get down to Heartbreak hill around 2:00am. They will then take a right turn on the Kahiltna and make their way to Camp 1. There are a few heavy hearts and some frowny faces as Wyatt noted...probably due to the night schedule...but he is confident he can turn those into smiles within the day. 

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