Friday, June 16, 2017

2017 Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 6 (June 11 - July 1) June 15th


Richard Riquelme
Wyatt Evenson
Max Lurie


Carlos Barquet
Christopher Eubanks
Emal Ehsan
Huachao "Mike" Chen
Jeff Burkard
Peter Blackshaw
Sophie Hilarie
Timothy Switzer

Team 6 guide Wyatt Evenson called in. They have made it to Camp 2! The team had left their previous camp at 5am that morning, and were ready to go after a good move day breakfast of granola and breakfast cookies. They arrived at Camp 2 around 12:30. Richard then cooked up a good meal of chicken, raisins and veggies to 'fend off the scurvy' as Wyatt joked. Tomorrow the plan is to do a back carry to pick up the cache they left yesterday. This will put them in position to prepare to move to 14,000 Camp. The weather is starting to deteriorate a little bit. They started off with sunny skies with a few clouds to now full on snow that is supposed to move throughout the weekend. Just shows the variety of weather in the Alaska range!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I see Timothy Switzer name is not on list of climbers.
Can you make sure it gets put back.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Go Peter.. Hope you enjoying your time. And please come back home safely.

Performance Team