Thursday, June 8, 2017

2017 Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 3 (May 21 - June 10)


Andrew Yasso
Will Gordon
Calvin Morris


Anya Jones
Dave Nelson
Deanna Brubaker
Greg Andersen
Igor Kropotov
Janet Joy Lee
Karen Nelson
Renaye Dickerson
Rhiannon Brey

Team 3 guide Andrew Yasso called in this morning...."Hello everyone this is Captain Andrew speaking from AAI flight 3, we are at a cruising altitude of 17,200ft. Sorry about that turbulence we experienced this morning, the high winds have kept us in our seats. But we have removed the fasten seat belt sign and everyone is moving around....snacks and refreshments are being handed out...and we are hoping to have a smooth flight here on out. We are going to cruise through the rest of the day here at 17,200ft hoping that tomorrow we gain some altitude up to 20,320ft...." And thats as far as the analogy goes from captain Andrew...

The team is at 17,200ft taking another rest day. The high winds and cold temperatures earlier this morning required that the team stay put for today. The weather cleared later in the day and temperatures rose around 2:30pm allowing for some movement and activity around camp. Andrew has said that their slow and careful ascent and team work has really paid off, and that he is incredibly proud of how well the team has handled their journey up to 17,200ft. Not taking the phrase lightly, Andrew has said everyone is in incredibly good spirits, as you can probably tell from the relayed dispatch introduction. With one more day tomorrow they hope to make the final push to the summit.

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