Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2017 Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 5 (June 4 - 24) June 12th


Andy Stephen
Mike McCartan
Eric Shaw


Bo Stern
Charlie Farhoodi
Dan Breye
Jo Bradshaw
Linda Blakely
Timothy Wright
Vasyl "Bill" Radzevych
Zoltan Torma

Team 5 guide Andy Stephen checked in on June 12th. The team had a successful day retrieving their cache at 13,200ft after enjoying a delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon. Camp was filled with swirling clouds and light fluffy snow They practiced fixed lines in the evening in preparation for moving farther up the mountain. They had a calorie rich lunch of Cheesy bread and an equally rich dinner of Shandy Mac Supreme. The plan for tomorrow is to put up a cache after the fixed lines at 16,000ft. Tomorrow is forecasted to be a beautiful day in the Alaska Range!

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Melanie Abrams said...

Hi hope you're all going ok. Thinking of you Linda, and hope you've got some stunning photos to show us. Be safe and blog when you can guys! Mel