Friday, June 9, 2017

2017 Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 3 (May 21 - June 10) From June 8th *Update*


Andrew Yasso
Will Gordon
Calvin Morris


Anya Jones
Dave Nelson
Deanna Brubaker
Greg Andersen
Igor Kropotov
Janet Joy Lee
Karen Nelson
Renaye Dickerson
Rhiannon Brey

Team 3 guide Andrew Yasso called in this morning from High Camp. Sadly the winds were too high and weather too inclement this morning to allow the team to make a final push from high camp to the summit. This is the final call for team 3, and now they are waiting for a weather clearing to begin their journey back. Everyone gave it their absolute best shot, and we are proud to say that everyone worked very hard, came in well trained and well prepared, and it was only the weather that prevented them from summiting. Currently the team is hunkered down in their tents waiting to make the descent to Camp 3. The plan is to make their way to basecamp by Friday afternoon and fly out to Talkeetna Friday evening, but they will take their time in order to have a safe and steady journey home. Andrew stated that with mountains it sometimes unfortunately just boils down to the weather...We appreciate the support, and thank you so much everyone for following Team 3!

Lead guide Andrew Yasso called in with an update on the progress of Team 3's descent. The team has made it down to 14 Camp from 17,000ft safe and sound. Everyone is sharing a hot meal and hot drinks with Team 4, who is graciously sharing their cook tent! The goal is to get around Windy Corner and make it to basecamp tonight, if not basecamp then at least to Camp 1. The weather is calling for some wind and rain, but if it clears enough the team will make the push to basecamp tonight. The trip was eventful, educational, epic, exciting...and a number of other 'e' words the team threw around to express their feelings and experience from spending the past several weeks on the mountain. This just goes to show how quickly spirits can be lifted when in good company in the mountains, even after a descending from a long journey. A lot of smiles can be seen and laughter is happening, pre-final decent, which just goes to show what an awesome team we had! Thanks again for following, and wish us luck on the final descent!

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